Silverabbit is a creative design studio based in Colorado yet we serve clients nationwide—you could say we were working remotely before it was cool.

We earned our name by being among the first to jump up and help struggling creatives. But we didn’t become experts overnight. We spent years failing testing different ways to build, produce, and use the latest tech to communicate. We first dipped our fuzzy paws into the design world by working on our high school yearbook, and ever since then the story pretty much wrote itself.

in the beginning

In high school, our layouts were used as examples of what to do. Yet we didn’t know graphic designer was a real career until our senior year when the yearbook instructor said “Hey, you could have a great career ahead of you.”

mind. blown.

We pursued a degree in multi-media graphic design, took all the classes we felt were relevant, and then dropped out to start our career as a starving artist working freelance design gigs. While we can’t say that was the best decision, the bumpy road that followed is where we saw the vast need for someone to come alongside creative individuals and help them release their dreams.

pretty pedigree

Eventually, we returned to college and received a BFA. Although we majored in 3D animation and learned about the entire project pipeline for any creative project, we like to say we minored in Business for the creative industries because we spent 2 years rocking that program before the school shut it down and we had to switch.

While that may already be too much story than you bargained for, we’ve worn the hats of a communication specialist, administrator, videographer and video editor, graphic designer, photographer, web designer, social media guru, marketing manager, and art director to name a few.

yes, we are

  • great at making graphics
  • digital illustrators
  • traditional painters
  • late-night video editors
  • web designers
  • your brand’s best friend

nope, we aren’t

  • copy editors
  • web developers
  • social media managers
  • the cheapest
  • the most expensive

do you play nice with other studios?

Are bunnies soft and cuddly?! Yes! Well, most of the time. Let’s go with usually. In all seriousness, we love to collaborate with other studios and creatives.

Thanks for reading our story.

We’d love to work with you and learn about yours.