You know your website needs to be online, but it’s so much more than that.

A website needs to send the right message. Reach the right people. And have the right user experience so visitors take the next step beyond the website. We genuinely care about making your website work best for you and your people because, as fellow people, we despise clogged, unresponsive, confusing websites.

Some web developers like to list flashy tech jargon to sound impressive. We’d rather talk like people instead of robots, no offense Siri.

When you choose us for your website you get:

  • a site that matches your brand’s personality
  • carefully designed content flow – how your visitors experience your website
  • search engine optimized – so your content gets found on google
  • competitor analysis – to see what’s working and if anything can be improved
  • mobile and desktop responsive, of course
  • dark-mode friendly – so your content looks great to all viewers

The best part is, when your baby is ready, we can teach you how to update your own website!

Or if the thought of updating and checking every page for something that broke, don’t worry, we can handle the scary stuff for a monthly subscription. However, we have a limited number of slots available, so please let us know you’re interested in adding web maintenance when you fill out your project request form. Will will try to fit you in or get you on the waiting list asap.

Price starts at: 200-275 per hour
Monthly maintenance subscription: 40