Although viewers are more forgiving for live events, “access anytime” videos are held to merciless standards.

Today a video has to capture our attention with a well-designed thumbnail and catchy title. The content has to be cut to establish a flow and control the energy. But even if a video gets an A++ for looks, if the audio isn’t clear, we will click away within 10 seconds and never think about coming back.

Videos need editing, and editing needs software that can cut, color, and mix video, as well as an awareness of best practices in the industry.

We offer video editing services to give your content a fighting chance in the unforgiving battle for views.

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When we edit videos we:

  • cut unwanted footage
  • create a pace
  • apply effects or styles
  • add music
  • design a custom thumbnail for social media

Price starts at: 275 per hour