Another passion-filled prototype to toss into the cobwebbed corner of “will never come to be” projects.

The problem: Organization needed something to introduce themselves to all the new web donors.

Solution: Send new donors a snazzy booklet paired with a prayer request magnet and a sticker sheet. The target audience was millennials and gen-Z.

The design has lots of hand-drawn elements (which we actually drew in InDesign *gasp*) and a vibrant color scheme. We mostly used the default CMYK values but adjusted the cyan and added orange for contrast. The gif muted the colors 😭, but you can see them in their glory in the PDF 🎉🎉🎉.

Please note that the text/copy has not been approved by the organization and is merely used for demonstration purposes. We wrote the copy to the best of our abilities but also fully expected everything to be re-written or edited before officially going to production.

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P.s. Did you see the “transparent” seal? (If allowed, we will always carpe the pun.)

The organization wanted to order the booklets in bulk but also have a personalized element. We came up with a name strip that wraps across the booklet and can either be taped or glued.

To make it even more adorable, this booklet is tiny! If you fold a US-letter size paper in half, and then in half again you’ll have something roughly the size of this booklet. Why such a small size? It’s easily scannable and who doesn’t love smol things?

Ultimately, the organization decided this design was too unusual for their current donor base to accept so we are going to create a “safer” design.

Fonts used: Aescudos Script, Consolas Bold, Its Holiday, Montserrat

Programs used: Adobe InDesign