what’s in a logo

Your logo does more than just look good. It creates an impression in the viewer’s mind of who your company is. Nike’s minimal swoosh shows us they care about efficiency and moving forward. Whether you love or hate their food, McDonald’s golden arches tell us our endorphins will be satisfied after a meal there.

What does your logo say about you?

We’re here to help!

A delicious blend of personality and information. The cornerstone for brand identity. Your logo is your mark on the world. Help people quickly grasp who you are and what type of experience they can expect from your brand through a well-designed logo.

If you already have a logo you love, we can extend the life of your logo by vectorizing it (we’re pretty sure that’s a word). Vectors can be enlarged or shrunk as much as needed—without losing quality. You can use your vector logo as a 20-pixel icon or a 7-foot banner.

New logo price starts at: 55 per hour

Vector logo price starts at: 35 per hour

got graphics?

The original medium that launched a company.

As professional graphic designers, we use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and our background in traditional art to create any kind of graphic. By “any kind” we mean:

  • flyers
  • invitations
  • graduation announcements
  • Christmas cards
  • facebook posts
  • instagram photos
  • pinterest pics
  • youtube thumbnails
  • trifold brochures
  • t-shirts
  • pillows
  • name tags
  • event programs
  • business cards
  • infographics
  • travel booklets
  • ebooks
  • email templates
  • postcards
  • mailings and inserts
  • newsletters
  • product catalogs
  • banners
  • calendars
  • magnets

and literally any other kind of graphic design project you can think of.

Graphic design holds a special place in our hearts. We accept 3x more graphic design projects than any other service we provide. If you have a project, we have an interest.

Price starts at: 65 per hour