free download – home offer letter

Guess who just got a house?! That’s right. This designer.

After several rejected offers, our friend who also just got a house suggested we include a letter about us to the sellers. That’s what she tried and they got their offer accepted!

Our realtor said sometimes including a home offer letter to the seller is dangerous because it can “open a can of works with discrimination laws,” so sometimes the seller’s real estate agent doesn’t even pass the letter along. However, we figured we would leave that choice up to them and include it anyway.

And….*drumroll* our offer was accepted!

We can’t guarantee that the following design will get you accepted. But feel free to use this template of the design we used.

You will need a free Canva account to edit the home offer letter template.

*Do not sell or redistribute this template. We made this available for free just to help out home buyers because, as fellow home buyers, we know how tough the market is right now.

Please consider using our services whenever you need something designed with a professional touch.

Free Canva template download – home offer letter

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