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When you’re ready to order, click the button under your preferred service and fill out the project request form. We will respond to you within 3 business days, however, it’s usually within hours.

The price listed under each service is not the final price. We will discuss with you to make an estimated total for your project and create an invoice. Flexible payment options are available, however, a down payment is required before we can get our paws dirty. You will receive all the files and/or login information for the project after the invoice is paid in full.

It is our greatest joy when clients come back to us for new projects.

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design services cost per hour

When you fill out the project request form, we create a custom quote.

However, we hate it when businesses make you fill out a form before they tell you what they charge. We are proud of our work and aren’t going to hide our worth.

The table below is a quick reference guide for our standard hourly rate and does not necessarily reflect the final price.

$ 55-125 per hour$ 125-200 per hour$ 200-275 per hour
logo designbrand identitywebsite design
graphic designevent photographyvideo editing
book layout & author services

If you also appreciate open communication we’d love to work with you.

graphic design packages

graphic design packages

P1. logo design

A delicious blend of personality and information. Your logo is your mark on the world. Help people know who you are and what type of experience they can expect from your brand through a well-designed logo.

Price starts at: 55 per hour

Already have a logo and just need a digital vector of it? We’d love to help out.

Price starts at: 35 per hour

P2. graphic design

When you know what you want and just need the right person to do it. Previous graphic design projects include flyers, events, social media posts, brochures, apparel, home goods, name tags, business cards, infographics, informative travel notebooks, ebooks, email templates, postcards, and letters to name a few.

Price starts at: 65 per hour

website design packages

website design packages

P3. one-page website, mild

Just because we can have 10,007 pages on a website doesn’t mean we should. Let us organize your content and design a single-page website where everything that matters is one swoop away.

Price starts at: 200 per hour

P4. multi-page website, medium

Let your viewers explore your site, possibly going multiple clicks deep. These medium-sized websites are great for non-profits and small businesses.

Price starts at: 215 per hour

P5. large, e-commerce website, spicy

Large sites for small-medium businesses that need a way for customers to order, view catalogs, and dive into your company. If you’re not sure how big your website needs to be, it’s probably going to be this one.

Price starts at: 275 per hour

P6. website maintenance

A monthly-subscription service. We’ll handle the plugin updates and make small changes as requested once a month. Availability is limited.

Price starts at: 40 per month

other creative design packages

other creative design packages

P7. brand identity

How do you connect with your target audience? How does society view your company? We work with you to rally your brand identity and design behind your mission. We also analyze what you’re currently doing, should be doing, and what your competitors are up to. Package includes logo design, business card template, and a custom style guide.

Price starts at: 125 per hour

P7.1 brand identity audit

You have a sweet brand already, but how can you know you’re sending the right message to your ideal audience? Let us dive behind the scenes and analyze your company. Everyone’s a critic, right? But we’re critics who know what changes can make a difference. It’s our shortest request form because we’ll do all the hard parts. Just share your website, socials, and main rival, and let us build an in-depth brand analysis.

Total price for brand audit: $1,700
New bunny special: $800 for a limited time

P8. event photography

When you need to capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots, you need more than a studio photographer. We strive to capture the moments that hold lasting memories. By embedding ourselves into the pacing of the event we try to be invisible while being responsible to capture otherwise lost memories.

Price starts at: 125 per hour

P9. video editing

Whether you need a video for social media or want to give a fresh look to old memories, we can help. Our video editing services include everything needed to create a final product. We remove unwanted footage, create a pace, apply effects or styles, and add music.

Price starts at: 275 per hour

P10. book layout and self-publishing author services

You have a story to tell and aren’t sure how to sell it. We help you step through the process by formatting your text into a print-on-demand approved layout. You provide the content, we’ll build the design. There’s no one standing in your way of getting your story out there when you self-publish and use our design services.

Hire-us-to-do-it price starts at: 125 per hour

Design consulting to do it yourself starts at: 22 per hour

“why are the forms so long? i just want a quote.”

We promise we’re not trying to annoy you.

Every question has a purpose. Some help us understand the project, some help us understand you. By taking the time to carefully consider the questions, we know that the projects we receive have been well-thought-out, and that gives us more confidence to accept your request.