You have a story to tell.

We want to support indie authors.

Don’t leave your story stranded on the some-day list when there are people ready to help you through the self-publishing process.

Some of the self-publishing author services we offer are:

cover design

We all judge a book by its cover. The cover communicates the tone, world, and parts of the reader’s adventure with the story before a word is read.

interior page layout design

Similar to painful audio in a video, if a book is difficult or confusing to read, we will set it down and walk away. Interior layouts require more than selecting a font. Don’t get overwhelmed by the typesetting process–that’s our job.


For every book we help produce, we include a proofreading session after the text is set into the layout. Some places charge extra for this service, but we think it just makes sense.

However, we are also available for the initial proofreading that happens before the book is designed.

ebook formatting

Convenience is a gift, and having the ability to buy and then read a book in the palm of our hands in an instant is one of the coolest things to come from the internet, besides cute rabbit videos. We can format most books for Kindle and ePub so your book is available to all.

book marketing graphics and materials

Using our experience in graphic design, we provide a mockup and 5 social-media-ready graphics to use to tell others about your book. Some commonly requested graphics are pre-launch, launch, and to raise awareness of your book.

book video trailer

Instead of a book becoming a movie, this time a movie becomes a book–or a commercial for one. Literally set the scene for your book with a custom book trailer.