3 Tips for the BEST Second Blog Post and Beyond

Whew! You followed my advice perfectly and now your first post is done! Congrats!

Now what?

Now it’s time to start posting amazing content, which leads to amazing followers, which leads to loyal subscribers!

Inside out - Joy

1. Post consistently. I know, I know. I am definitely writing to myself with this one. But consistency gives people a reason to smile when they check their inboxes. Maybe post every Tuesday, maybe post every Thursday, or maybe post every lunch break. (That’s my goal now…every Tuesday/Thursday lunch break…)

2. Be engaging. Respond to comments. Act like you care because you actually do. Don’t be afraid to be a real person, no offense to little wooden puppet boys.

3. Continue with your vision. I write because my characters each have such incredible stories, and they deserve to be shared. That little granny in the Cadillac, blocking the fast lane when your driving late to work…Even her story would be incredible to share.

So, what does your second post say about your passion?

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