What To Write About In Your First Blog Post

Having trouble deciding on a post worthy enough to kick-start my new WordPress site, I thought Hey! What’s better for a first post than a first post about how to have the best first post! So here you have it: a top 5 list for everything a first post should have.

1. A first post should be important! Important, yet KISS it! (Keep It Simple [Sweetie]) The ultimate idea of a first post is to give people a sample taste of your blog-chef cuisine, like food shops do at the mall. Quality and a distinctive purpose should be easily identifiable in your first post.

2. Don’t go full Diva, try half-Diva instead. Write like you already have 100,000 subscribers, and still value each one. How do you do this? Pretend you are having a conversation with one of your closest, and smartest friends. Anything you say or do can and will be on the internet forever, so make sure it’s worth it!

3. Never be ashamed to show your true colors. People are going to follow your blog because it’s YOUR blog. Type the way you are comfortable typing, evN 1f it’s lik3 DIS. Share the things you enjoy sharing. Fly that pirate flag high and proud!..If ye be a pirate. yaaarr.

4. Never fear to add media here! In a recent family poll conducted by Me, 7 out of 10* people were more inclined towards sites with videos, .gifs, audio, and cool interactive widgets over static sites. (*3 of the 10 people polled were over 52…) So add those videos, tweets,  spotify tracks, and cats. Cuz that’s what the internet’s for.

5. Lastly, remember that as first post, it will eventually get buried beneath years of better yet-to-come posts, so learn to let it flow, and let it go.

Happy posting!

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  1. tvkapherr says:

    Great first post! Congrats. Smart move with the video. Being illiterate, I rely heavily on visual elements. 🙂

    1. kaekunau says:

      Thank you so much for reading! I thought, since I can’t think of anything for a super awesome first post, maybe I can help someone else come up with a super awesome first post. =)

      Everything’s better with a cat video in it.

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